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Engineering Activity Boxes

Revamped Engineering Activity Boxes

DiscoverE is happy to announce four recently revamped Engineeing Activity Boxes!

The recently revamped boxes include one unique, fun and engaging engineering themed activity, a step by step guide booklet, a custom engineering beaver badge and a DiscoverE sticker page – perfect for any aspiring engineer in your family!

The Astronaut Glovebox and Drawing Robot boxes are designed to entertain and inspire anyone ages five and up, while the Hydraulic Maze and Surgery Training boxes are ideal for anyone ages eight and up.

Original Engineering Activity Boxes

DiscoverE’s original Engineering Activity boxes available at 25% off the regular price ($45) while supplies last.

Each box Engineering Activity Box focuses on a different topic in STEM, includes three hands-on activities, interviews with local mentors, puzzles and additional resources to spark your child’s curiosity and imagination! It’s engineered for fun and learning.

The Engineering in Space Activity Box is designed for Grades 1-3 and the Electrical Engineering Activity Box and Mechanical Engineering Activity Box are created for Grades 4-6.

Bursaries Available

We are able to offer full bursaries to children and youth in need, covering the cost of the activity box. This reduces the price to $0 plue applicable shipping costs. If you know a family that would love to participate in our activity box program, but is unable to due to financial reasons, please encourage them to apply for a bursary.

Our activity box bursaries are restricted to one box per child. If you are applying for multiple children, please fill out separate bursary applications for each child. If new types of boxes are released, then a child who has received a previous activity box bursary would be eligible again. However, priority will be given to those who have not received any activity boxes.

To apply, please click the link below to complete the application form. If you have any questions regarding bursaries, please email discovere@ualberta.ca.

After you are approved for a bursary, a coupon code will be emailed. Please enter the coupon code at check out and the cost of the box will be deducted while any shipping costs will be charged (if shipping is selected). Please note that curbside pickup is offered in Edmonton for free.

Thank You

We would like to thank the following people and groups for their contributions to launching this initiative.

Thank you to our amazing staff (past and present) who have helped make these boxes a reality since their inception:

AJ Stadnyk Aurora Hu Azizza Qatarina Ben McPhail
Beth Johnson Carmen Wong Emma Bittner Fares Mandour
Hatem Chalak Imtisal Ahmed Izzy Kariyawasam Jenny Lee
Kailey Ouellette Kate Yaschuk Katelyn Tan Kaylee Kim
Kristy Chan Lianne de Kappelle Michelle Cortines Mohammad Kamal
Nicole Kosowan Noah Batiuk Orion Watson Polina Reisbig
Rachelle Lee Rishav Rana Saad Khan Scott Selland

Thank you to everyone in the Faculty of Engineering who helped make these boxes a reality in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic – we appreciate everyone’s help and guidance in making these a reality.

Thank you to our AMAZING Mentors for sharing their stories and passion for STEM.

We would also like to say a special thank you to Pembina for helping us launch the first round of boxes, as well as Fluor Canada, Finning Canada and Shell Canada who have supported boxes free of charge for youth across Western Canada.

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